McAfee GTI Proxy End-of-Life 31 december 2015

McAfee GTI Proxy End-of-Life 31 december 2015

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woensdag 11 februari 2015

global-threat-intelligence-proxyMcAfee GTI Proxy gaat End-of-Life op 31 december 2015. Wij ontvingen daarover de volgende End-of-Life (EOL) aankondiging.

McAfee GTI Proxy EOL Aankondiging


McAfee announces the End of Life (EOL) for GTI Proxy effective December 31, 2015.


End of Life Milestones and Dates for GTI Proxy
End of Sale                     Jan 31, 2015
End of Support             Dec 31, 2015
End of Life                     Dec 31, 2015

For McAfee customers who would like to provide the benefits of GTI Cloud protection to systems without direct Internet connectivity, McAfee recommends using Threat Intelligence Exchange going forward.

TIE with DXL provides significantly more benefits than GTI Proxy. See KB83862 for details:

The McAfee EOL product list and policy is available at:

Reden van End-of-Life beslissing

Intel Security geeft aan deze beslissing genomen te hebben door de komst van Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE). Dit product biedt functioneel dezelfde mogelijkheden als GTI Proxy plus een heleboel meer. De voordelen van TIE ten opzichte van GTI Proxy worden als volgt samengevat:

  • GTI Proxy uses DNS, which has limitations. GTI Proxy does not have the ability to consume File metadata, such as First Seen, Last Seen, and Prevalence information. Using GTI’s new REST interface instead of DNS allows Intel Security to send rich contextual threat information to TIE, which is crucial to identifying emerging threats and targeted attacks.
  • GTI Proxy has limited support for VSE 8.7 and 8.8. TIE currently supports VSE, ATD, ESM, NSP, and SAE with many more McAfee product integrations planned in the near future.
  • GTI Proxy only retrieves threat information from GTI. TIE inherits threat information from GTI and has the additional ability to integrate with third-party threat intelligence feeds such as Virus Total, with more options planned for the future.
  • GTI Proxy Artemis DNS queries are limited by a selection criteria that throttles file reputation lookups for performance reasons. TIE (using DXL) is not bound by these limitations, and can perform threat reputation queries on any PE file that is executed on the endpoint.
  • TIE allows security administrators to set their own Enterprise Reputations on any PE file, which will supersede that of McAfee products and GTI’s reputation. Although GTI Proxy 2.0 has custom black- and whitelist capabilities, the TIE implementation is more extensible.


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