McAfee ENS 10.5 Beta

McAfee ENS 10.5 Beta

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woensdag 9 november 2016

Intel Security is happy to welcome you to the McAfee ENS 10.5 Beta.

Beta New Features include:

Threat Intelligence enhancements

  • Dynamic Application Containment — Adds the ability to c=ontain a specific instance of an application.
  • New McAfee-defined queries — Includes additional predefined queries for Real Protect.
  • Real Protect — Inspects suspicious files and activities on an endpoint to detect malicious patterns using machine-learning techniques.

Firewall enhancements

  • Ability to determine if a domain is reachable using HTTPS protocol.

Threat Prevention enhancements

  • Ability to configure a Windows registry scan location for on-demand scans.
  • Ability to create custom Access Protection rules to protect Windows services.
  • Management of Exploit Prevention signatures and Application Protection rules.

Web Control enhancements

  • Support for 64-bit Firefox.

Endpoint Migration Assistant enhancements

  • Automatic migration of settings for entire System Tree or one group.
  • Simultaneous migration of workstation and server settings in Threat Prevention policies.
  • Migration of Firewall Trusted Applications to Access Protection.
  • Migration of additional Firewall signatures to support all Exploit Prevention features.

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