McAfee DLP Endpoint 9.4 Patch 2

McAfee DLP Endpoint 9.4 Patch 2

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dinsdag 7 juni 2016

Intel Security released Patch 2 for McAfee DLP Endpoint 9.4. This release includes the following new features, fixes, and enhancements:

  • 1116376:  You can now save received DLP Endpoint tagged files to disk without losing tags. The issue of tag loss occurred when both DLP Endpoint and File and Removable Media Protection were installed on the receiving endpoint computer.
  • 1116385: The McAfee DLP handler for Internet Explorer no longer times out when files are uploaded to a customer internal portal based on IBM ECM FileNet.
  • 1116377: You can now resend emails that have bounced back without making them unreadable.
  • 1122366:  Google Chrome browser processes on specific websites do not cause high CPU consumption when DLP Endpoint is installed on the system. To resolve this issue, the DLP Endpoint client no longer enables the Google Chrome accessibility feature. The DLP Endpoint client is now able to identify the Chrome address bar URL when the accessibility feature is disabled.
  • 1131706: Web post protection rules now work with Google Chrome V.50 browsers.
  • Support for Office 2016.

To download McAfee DLP Endpoint 9.4 Patch 2, go to the Product Downloads site at:

For a full list of changes, see the Release Notes in PD26480:

For a list of known issues, see KB84509: