McAfee Application Control 7.0 (MAC) release

McAfee Application Control 7.0 (MAC) release

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woensdag 9 maart 2016

Intel Security has released McAfee Application Control 7.0.

MAC 7.0 provides the following new features and enhancements:

  • Support for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Internet of Things (IoT) Enterprise.
  • Direct upgrade from Solidcore client 6.1.0–6.2.0.
  • Capability to manage MAC 6.1.0–7.0.0 using Solidcore extension 7.0.0 on ePO 5.1.0–5.3.1.
  • Ended support for ticket-based enforcement.
  • Reputation-based execution using McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange and McAfee Global Threat Intelligence based on file and certificate reputation.
  • Seamless business continuity by automatically allowing or blocking execution based on an application’s reputation.
  • Improved classification for applications based on file and certificate reputation information available from reputation sources.
  • Option to submit executables with Unknown reputation to McAfee Advanced Threat Defense for analysis.
  • Additional context, such as MD5, SHA-1 checksum, deny reason, parent process, and file type for blocked applications on the Solidcore Events page to help you make better judgments.
  • Single-click capability from the Solidcore Events page to view application context and simplify policy creation.
  • Support to manage skiplist rules from the ePO console.
  • Memory-protection techniques for the latest Windows platforms.

*NOTE: MAC for Linux have separate software packages from Windows releases and a separate release schedule. The current packages (v6.1.7) were released on April 7, 2015 and are on the “Packages” and “Extensions” tabs of the 6.1 section of the MAC download page.

To download MAC 7.0, go to the Product Downloads site at:

For a full list of changes, see the Release Notes:
PD26147 – MAC 7.0 Release Notes:

For known issues, see:
KB85710 – MAC 7.0 Known Issues: