FortiOS 5.2.3

FortiOS 5.2.3

dinsdag 24 maart 2015

fortinetFortinet heeft aangekondigd dat FortiOS 5.2.3 beschikbaar is.

Nieuwe features

Dit zijn de opgesomde nieuwe features zoals vermeld in de release notes:

  • Merge FGT-20C-ADSL and FWF-20C-ADSL
  • Log Viewer Improvements
  • Add AeroScout Inter-operabiliy testing
  • Add “Last connection time” Column in FortiView > VPN
  • FSSO agent support OU in group filters
  • Certificate GUI improvements
  • WAN opt feature only available on FGT models with 2 disks
  • Add FortiAP LED dark support
  • Allow user to change VDOM operation mode more easily
  • Support 4x10G interfaces in 5001D 40G ports
  • Allow admin user to start/defer file system check if FGT was not shutdown properly
  • Add a tooltip to remind users to activate FortiCloud to enable FortiSandbox cloud
  • Add warn about factory default certificate

Meer informatie vindt u in het FortiOS Handbook – What’s New (PDF).

Officiële aankondiging FortiOS 5.2.3

FortiOS 5.2.3 B0670 and release notes are available for download from the Support site:

This concerns the following models:

FGT_3016B, FWF_60CM, FGT_621B,
FWF_90D, FGT_240D, FGT_5101C,
FGT_VM64_HV, FGT_3700D, FGT_3240C,
FGT_310B, FGT_40C, FGT_300C,
FGT_100D, FGT_20C, FGT_90D_POE,
FGT_140D, FWF_90D_POE, FGT_60C,
FGT_3040B, FWF_92D, FWF_20C,
FGT_111C, FGT_620B, FGT_VM32,
FGT_98D_POE, FGT_200D, FWF_60D,
FGT_310B_DC, FGT_60D, FGT_800C,
FGT_110C, FGT_200D_POE, FGT_60C_POE,
FWF_60D_POE, FWF_81CM, FGT_5001C,
FGT_280D_POE, FGT_240D_POE, FGT_600C,
FGT_200B_POE, FGT_3600C, FGT_1000C,
FGT_VM64, FGT_3950B, FGT_1240B,
FGT_70D, FGT_200B, FGT_3951B,
FGT_90D, FGT_1500D, FGT_VM64_KVM,
FGT_5001B, FGT_VM64_XEN, FGT_140D_POE,
FGT_30D, FGT_3140B, FWF_20C_ADSL_A,
FGT_620B_DC, FGT_60C_SFP, FGT_80D,
FGR_60D, FGT_80CM, FGT_5001A,
FGT_140D_POE_T1, FWF_40C, FGT_500D,
FGT_60D_MC, FGT_92D, FGT_311B,
FWF_60D_MC, FGT_60D_POE, FGR_100C,
FGT_3810A, FGT_300D, FSW_5203B,
FGT_5001D, FWF_60C, FGT_30D_POE,